Secure online payment

Encrypted data during payment

Transactions made on are totally secure. The information exchanged throughout the passage of the command use the SSL protocol symbolized by a small green padlock to the left of the URL address bar of the site or at the bottom right of your page (depends on the browser).

Payment data can not be detected, intercepted or used by third parties. They are also not kept on our servers.

Payment with Visa / Mastercard / Eurocard

You can choose to pay by credit card. The transaction will be finalized on the website of our payment provider Hipay (including the transactions of Nature & Découvertes stores, Auchan, Wiko and many others.)

Payment by bank transfer

You can choose to pay for your purchases by making a transfer directly to our UK account. This is a SEPA account with a classic IBAN. Note that this type of payment must be checked manually by our services. It is possible that the validation of your order takes 24 to 48h extra.