general condition of sale


The order of products presented on the website, is subject to acceptance by the buyer, and is acceptance without any reservation by the latter, the entirety of the terms and conditions set out below. These general conditions of sale are binding on the buyer without regard to particular clauses added by him - except express agreement of the seller - and without regard to the advertising documents issued by Sytech Technology Co Ltd.

The acceptance of the buyer is materialized by the "validation click", as well as by the communication of his bank details for the payment of his order. This is equivalent for the buyer to acknowledge that he has fully understood and that he approves all the conditions indicated below. Failing to use the legal right of withdrawal, the buyer is irrevocably committed to the purchase order after having approved electronically, through the "validation click". Under these conditions, Sytech Technology Co Ltd invites customers who have connected to its electronic catalog of distance selling to carefully read the terms and conditions below, before proceeding to any effective order of products listed in this catalog.

Article 1: Product

The present general conditions of sale aim to specify the rights and obligations of the purchaser with regard to the products sold in the electronic catalog Shizune, within the framework of a system of distance selling. The contract established in the event of an effective order under the terms and conditions referred to in these general conditions of sale, falls under the regulation of distance selling, as it results in particular from the Consumer Code, as well as special provisions referred to below.

Article 2. Identification of the author of the offer

The author of the offer of sale is Sytech Technology Co Ltd, company whose contact details are:

Sytech Technology Co Ltd, 20 Avenue de la Porte Neuve, L-2227 Luxembourg

Sytech Technology Co Ltd, as Offer Manager, will be the contact for the buyers (V. contact details above).

NB: for the conditions of exercise of the right of retraction of 30 days, V. article 7.

Article 3. Essential characteristics of goods and services offered

The products offered in the Shizune electronic catalog and whose distance selling is governed by these general conditions of sale have the following essential characteristics:

Affected Products: The name, components, weight, quantity, color, and particularities are specified for each product in the Shizune electronic catalog. All of these elements are included in the order placed by the buyer. In any case, the photos of presentation of the products offered in the electronic catalog Shizune are not contractual, and can not engage the responsibility of the seller towards the buyer. Buyers' attention is drawn to the fact that the illustrations of the presented articles can be magnified, and that the mention of a scale of magnification is impossible, the buyer Net surfer being only to control the image electronic.

Geographic area of ​​coverage of the offer: the offer referred to in these general conditions of sale is worldwide.

Geographical area of ​​delivery: the offer referred to in these general conditions of sale is worldwide

Availability of the good or service: the products presented in the Shizune electronic catalog and whose distance selling is governed by these general conditions of sale, are available as long as the product concerned appears on the electronic catalog.

Modes and tips for use: these elements are indicated for each of the products offered in the Shizune electronic catalog at the latest at the time of delivery of the product concerned, or in the electronic catalog itself in the event that the mode of use of the product concerned is an essential element of the act of purchase (eg minimum age for use of toys, or that the product concerned requires assembly by the purchaser, particularly if it involves 'furniture).

Delivery methods: the terms and conditions surrounding the delivery of the product ordered by the buyer on the Shizune electronic catalog are specified in article 9 below.

Warranties and after-sales service: The existence of these elements appears according to the products in the Shizune electronic catalog. They are specified where appropriate in a guarantee card provided upon delivery to the buyer of the ordered product, under the conditions referred to in Article 10 below; the return of this card, duly completed by the buyer, may be required to make the guarantee run.

Article 4. Duration of the offer

The offers of sale contained in the Shizune electronic catalog, governed by these general conditions of sale, are valid for any product contained in this catalog as long as it remains online.

Article 5. Price

The price is indicated for each product listed in the electronic catalog Shizune euros.

The price includes all taxes, such as these taxes are set on the date of acceptance of the offer by the buyer under the conditions referred to in Article 6 below. Delivery charges are shown in the Shizune e-Catalog for each of the products offered.

The price guaranteed to the buyer is the one appearing on the electronic catalog at the date of purchase, which is materialized by the acceptance of the offer by the buyer under the conditions referred to in Article 6 below. The price must be paid in full when ordering, subject to the conditions of withdrawal referred to in Article 7 below. The seller reserves the right to modify at any time the selling prices appearing on his electronic catalog.

Article 6. Acceptance of the offer

The acceptance of the offer by the purchaser is concretized by the validation, within the framework of the electronic catalog, by a "click of validation", of all the following information, some of which are obligatory.

Confirmation of the order when placing the order:

Product designation (with references)

Quantity ordered


Payment methods (credit card or check)

Terms of delivery

Eventually, after-sales service.

The order placed by the buyer is subject to a written confirmation from the seller, no later than the time of delivery.

The buyer has a right of withdrawal whose terms and conditions are described in Article 7 below.

Article 7. Time and terms of withdrawal and refund

The buyer disposes by the effect of the law (Articles L 221-18 and following of the Consumer Code) a period of 30 clear days, running from the receipt of the product by him or by a third party designated by him (or, in case of order of several products delivered separately, of the reception of the last product), to exercise his right of retraction.

To exercise his right of withdrawal, the buyer must send within this period an email via the contact form.

The buyer is then required to return the product to the seller in its original condition and in its original packaging intact and clean, accompanied by the papers requested by the seller, without delay.

The costs resulting from this return are the responsibility of the seller, being specified that the conditions of the sending and the return must be identical.

The refund occurs after receipt of the products in return, subject to verification of their statements by the seller.

Article 8. Payment

The buyer must pay by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) full payment of the order at the time of acceptance of the offer of the seller, under the conditions referred to in Article 6 above, and subject to the exercise of the right of withdrawal referred to in Article 7 above.

Payment by CB up to an amount of 2000 euros beyond the buyer will have to make a new order (if it is an order with several items). If the amount of a single item exceeds the amount of 2000 euros it must be authorized by the seller.

The seller accepts all Mastercard and Visa international credit cards.

The buyer guarantees the seller, during the validation of his order form, that he is in a legal situation with regard to the issuer of the payment card.

The validation by the buyer of the communication of his credit card number to the address of the seller, provided for the validation of the order form referred to in Article 6 above, constitutes acceptance by the buyer of the payment the full price corresponding to his order.

The buyer's order is only registered from the date on which the full payment of the buyer's order has been received by the seller.

In the event that the payment turns out to be irregular, incomplete or non-existent, for any reason, the seller reserves the right to block the delivery of the ordered product, even to claim, without limit of time, the product concerned by the order contentious.

Purchases paid by credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD) are secured by the 3D-SECURE control system.

Article 9. Delivery

The ordered product is delivered by an independent carrier, according to the nature of the product and at the exclusive initiative of the seller, to the address appearing on the order form of the buyer. This address may differ from the payor's address. The delivery takes place within the maximum time indicated during the order. In the event that the buyer is absent at the time of delivery of the ordered product, it is incumbent upon him to withdraw his delivery to the address mentioned by the receiver of the Post Office or by the carrier and according to the modalities specified by the latter on the notice of passage deposited at the delivery address. In the absence of withdrawal of the goods within the time limits, the parcel will be returned to the seller, who reserves the right to refund the buyer as soon as possible, the costs of return of delivery being retained from the total amount of the order and to keep the product that he had ordered.

Under no circumstances can the product be delivered to a remaining item.

In case of non-compliance of the delivered product with the indications appearing in the purchase order or of the damage related to the conditions of transport noticed at the time of the delivery, the salesman undertakes to remedy it or to refund the purchaser. The customer must express his reservations on the delivery note presented to him by mail or by the carrier. In this respect it is the buyer's responsibility to check the contents, conformity and condition of the product upon delivery.

Article 10. Warranties and after-sales service

In the case where the contractual guarantee is intended to play, the seller undertakes, at his expense and at the option of the buyer when it is possible, either to refurbish the delivered product, or to repay it. Also, the buyer has a right of withdrawal (without having to justify his decision), within a maximum period of 30 days receipt of the coli home for a refund. The buyer will be responsible for the direct costs of returning the jewelery. The jewel (s) to engrave or customize are neither returned nor exchanged and are not subject to the withdrawal period of 30 days. Please check your information before confirming your order. Special characters are not allowed. For further information, please contact customer service via the contact page of the site.

In case of complaint, the Customer may contact the customer service via the contact page.

Article 11. Nominative information

In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, the purchaser has at any moment a right of access and rectification. In this case, he must send his request to the customer service via the contact page.

Article 12. Applicable law

This contract is subject to French law, and in particular Articles L. 121-16 to L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code.

Article 13. Dispute Resolution

In case of dispute, the buyer will first address the seller to agree on an amicable solution.